The Japanese Australian Support In Community Inc. (JASIC) is a not-for-profit organisation based in Sydney, Australia. It was established in March 2015 to provide information on the Australian healthcare and social welfare systems, in the Japanese language, to Australian residents of Japanese origin, particularly those with limited English ability.

JASIC aims to strengthen the link between the local Japanese community and providers of medical, social welfare and aged care services, funded by the Australian federal and state governments and local councils. To achieve this, we will continue to hold seminars and workshops in the Japanese language, presented by healthcare and social welfare professionals, who are of Japanese origin and work in local Australian hospitals, aged care and social welfare services. We plan to provide a user-friendly website and a comprehensive guidebook, with relevant information on the available services in Japanese.

JASIC will continue to actively seek out professionals, who are fluent in the Japanese language and are willing to share their expertise (as pro bono), and to provide opportunities for these professionals to assist Australian residents who are of Japanese origin.


Mission Statement

JASIC promotes, supports and enhances the health and wellbeing of the Japanese community living in Australia.


Charitable Purposes

As people from a non-English speaking backgrounds age, communication difficulties and cultural differences can lead to social isolation, which hampers access to health and welfare services, and is an impediment to maintaining a good level of function in the community. In order to assist Australian residents of Japanese origin gain access to necessary services, the “Japanese Australian Support in Community Inc. (JASIC)” charitable organisation has been established.

The specific purpose of JASIC is to improve the wellbeing of Australian residents of Japanese origin, who are Australian citizens, permanent residents or other visa holders, by:

  • promoting improved access to the Australian healthcare and welfare systems by Australian residents of Japanese origin, through educational activities
  • facilitating communication among health and welfare professionals working with the ethnic Japanese community living in Australia, and
  • advocating for the Japanese community living in Australia to develop culturally appropriate healthcare and social services.


Our organisation and our people

  • Board members – all fluent in Japanese and English and members of the Japanese community living in Australia: a medical practitioner (rehabilitation physician), a registered nurse, 2 administrative officers (with Public Relations and Not-for-profit backgrounds) and a business manager
  • Contributors (pro bono) all fluent in Japanese and English: professional medical interpreters / translators, registered nurses, a police officer, case workers (disabilities and aged care) and pharmacists
  • Volunteers: University/TAFE students studying aged care and social welfare and graduates from these courses


Strategic alliances

  • Japanese general practitioners, medical specialists and other healthcare professionals based in hospitals and aged care facilities
  • Local councils in suburbs with higher numbers of residents who are of Japanese origin
  • Consulate-Generals of Japan (in major Australian cities)
  • Japan Club of Sydney Inc.
  • NSW Health (North Shore Local Health District Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities Advisory Committee)